SparkAmerica is a movement.

Launching from a platform that reached over 25 million users and helped countless people get healthier, SparkAmerica is led by an alliance of local and national partners that work together to “spark” America’s Fitness & Health, Leadership Development, and Community Engagement by helping one person, one organization, and one city at a time. SparkAmerica brings people, organizations, and cities together on a single tech platform to participate in our free and fun annual calendar of challenges that encourage individual achievement while driving participation in friendly competition. Covering areas from weight loss to financial health to getting and staying active, we provide an easy-to-use system for tracking progress. From personal stats to city leaderboards, we make it easy to build motivation and keep getting healthier.



Is your city a SparkCity? Great cities like Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Akron, and Columbus are engaged in friendly and spirited competition to become healthier and more community focused.

SparkCity Columbus


At SparkAmerica we team with brands that promote health for everyone, like Vionic and RYU. We also have media partners in each of our cities that help us promote awareness and activate participation.

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SparkAmerica is designed to fit everyone, with a range of activities that anyone can participate in - from healthy eating to financial fitness to active minutes challenges. SparkAmerica strives to be inclusive because we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to be fit and healthy.

PeopleOne Health App and Website

At the core of SparkAmerica you'll find the PeopleOne Health app. This technology platform helps our members track their health and join in challenges through our easy-to-use Fitness Game. So whether you're an individual or part of a large corporation, you can have access to our world class platform that's intuitive, fun, and FREE.

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