SparkAmerica's Top 10 Reasons for Success

There have been many health campaigns through the years. Why will SparkAmerica be the one that works? Here are 10 reasons why:

  1. Our Active Members SparkPeople's websites receive more than 100 million unique visitors each year. Many people passionately connect with the SparkPeople brand. With the launch of SparkAmerica and its 60-Second Daily Check-In, we can activate these people to become healthy leaders in new and powerful ways.
  2. SparkPeople Team Experience The SparkPeople team of technology, online community, and health experts has been building high-traffic websites for 15 years, including creating and selling eBay's leading competitor, then building into one of the largest health websites in America.
  3. Leaders and Partners Many leaders and organizations are already sold on the power of SparkAmerica and have signed on to support SparkAmerica in various ways.
  4. Health Leadership The secret to improving the long-term health of America isn't merely in encouraging healthier lifestyles. It's in sustaining them. And this takes leadership. At SparkPeople, we've not only helped people get healthier, but our program has also created thousands of healthy leaders who "Spread the Spark" to help others get the same results.
  5. Tech Innovation Anyone can use SparkAmerica's innovative yet simple 60-Second Daily Check-In program quickly and easily. Both web- and mobile-based, the 60-Second Daily Check-In lets users track activity, set goals, join and support affinities (sports teams, schools, cities, employers, and more), connect and share with social communities, and earn SparkPoints.
  6. Program Innovation SparkAmerica emphasizes taking small steps to reach major goals, including the power of our 10-minute fitness program that combines exercise and goal setting for amazing results and adherence.
  7. Platform Innovation One of the founding principles of SparkPeople—and SparkAmerica—is the idea that friendly competition leads to better results. The challenge-based platform of SparkAmerica will engage individuals and organizations from across the country in friendly competitions that reinforce healthier living habits. No other health campaign has ever attempted anything like this, especially at this scale.
  8. The Magic Formula
    1. Engaging Tracking Tools
    2. Expert Content
    3. Influential Community
    4. Coaching
    By integrating these four areas into one online experience, SparkPeople has found the secret to maximizing consumer engagement while offering valuable opportunities to organizations of all types, including media companies, employers, health plans, cities, states, and non-profits.
  9. Fun! Let’s face it: “Health” is often not considered a fun topic. Another part of the SparkPeople magic formula is that we’ve figured out how to make getting healthy fun, and how to use that as a springboard for reaching goals in all areas of life. This includes our SparkPoints program that rewards members for taking small positive steps one at a time.
  10. Commitment to the Cause Helping people reach their goals and live healthier, happier lives is what we do--every day. The opportunity to bring this expertise to all of America is something we’re very passionate about.

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