SparkAmerica FAQs

What Are the Differences Between and SparkAmerica? is a comprehensive lifestyle program where the average member spends almost 10 minutes per session interacting with the features of the site. It's targeted more toward individuals who are interested in following a thorough weight loss, fitness or nutrition-tracking program, or looking for more involvement in our online support community.

SparkAmerica is a campaign that is championed by SparkPeople. It is targeted towards ALL Americans with a simple check-in program that takes as little as 60 seconds per day to complete.

How Are SparkPeople and SparkAmerica Integrated?

As mentioned above, both programs use a fun currency called SparkPoints to reward people for healthy actions.

We then aggregate SparkPoints from people using both programs into leaderboards to create challenges and friendly competitions on a national scale.

Part of the experience is encouraging our members to "Spread the Spark" to others so they can reach goals, too. Now SparkPeople members will be able to share the simple SparkAmerica program with ALL of their friends.

We believe that the two programs working together will lead to "Sparking" tens of millions of Americans to reach their goals and make a material impact on the health of America.

Will SparkAmerica Integrate with Any Activity Trackers?

Yes! Coinciding with the launch of SparkAmerica, SparkPeople released the Spark Activity Tracker. This simple, easy-to-use device clips on easily to track steps, distance, activity time, calories burned, and more! And because it's from SparkPeople, it integrates seamlessly with the SparkAmerica program.
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